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Published on Sep 13, 2021 10:11 PM IST  |  53.1K
WONHO Concept Photos; Picture Courtesy: Highline afl teams

On September 13, WONHO dropped an enchanting and soft highlight medley for his upcoming album ‘Blue Letter’ and we just cannot stop listening to it! WONHO uses an innovative way of introducing the album to his fans- by singing the irresistible hooks of all the songs; giving the fans as if he was serenading and it is truly heartwarming. Each song is crafted extremely beautifully from the intro instrumental to the ending words. The album is set to drop on September 14th so mark your calendars!

On September 13th, his agency Highline afl teams revealed three things to look forward to for WONHO's second mini-album 'Blue Letter'. Wonho made an album by comparing the disconnected situation due to the pandemic to a blue wave, and he took part in all the songwriting and contained his true story. He radiated a variety of charms through the previously released concept teaser image. The music video for the title song 'BLUE' presents a different atmosphere than before with colored lenses and strong makeup.

WONHO is expected to show further growth as he participates in writing, composing, and producing all the songs of 'Blue Letter'. The title song 'Blue' is a pop dance song that harmonizes well with the grooves of guitar, bass, and drums, and contains a bright and hopeful message.

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