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Updated on Sep 14, 2021 09:22 AM IST  |  31.5K
Is Apricot Kernel Oil a trustworthy pick for super dry and ageing skin?

Oils aren’t always troublesome for your skin. If your skin is prone to acne, you might want to be extra cautious but no need to be petrified of what these can offer your skincare routine. For all you know, these many give in to your fantasy of having healthy skin that starts with nourished and supple skin. Apricot kernel oil may be the answer. 

m cilic,The oil is derived from the kernels of the apricot fruit and entails tocopherols and phytosterols. These are the antioxidants that play the key role of enhancing nourishment for your skin while also protecting it from environmental stressors like UV damage and pollution. Today Apricot kernel oil is seen as an emollient that can ward off dryness with very little quantity. It is also housed with anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in improving the skin barrier. A weak skin barrier could be the root cause of all problems you may notice, everything healthy starts with the smooth functioning of the skin barrier. Its benefits also lie in the anti-ageing department from reducing the appearance of wrinkles and delivering a youthful glow. 

You can apply this carrier oil directly onto your skin or concoct it with your moisturiser every day. Need some help with blemish care? This oil can help you out. Gently dab it and massage well. ,free online poker with friends private

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tennis utr app,Have you used Apricot Kernel Oil before? Share your review with us in the comment section below. 

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