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Updated on Sep 14, 2021 09:18 AM IST  |  42.8K
Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio: Check out the favourite colour of these zodiac signs

Colour is something that plays a very important role in everyone’s lives. It not only helps in making decisions but also in adding some characters to things. Everyone tends to have a favourite colour. This choice can be based on their interests, personality traits and characteristics. 

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1xbet mobile télécharger,When it comes to zodiac signs, different signs have different likes, dislikes and personalities. They accordingly, also have different favourite colours. So according to astrology, here’s a list of the favourite colours of Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio zodiac signs.

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bet logo history,Geminis have an extroverted personality. They like bright things that make them happy and perk up their mood. The colour that they are most likely to be attracted to is Orange. Geminis have a likeable personality and gel well with most people. Similarly, the colour orange too pairs well with most of the other colours.

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french open winner odds 2020,Cancerians like things that are simplistic and homely. They like keeping it real and have a kind, down-to-earth and humble personality. The colour that they are most likely to like the most is Green. Green is a colour that represents nature and that perfectly depicts the homeliness and a sense of comfort that Cancerians symbolise. 

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Scorpios have a deep and mysterious personality. They don’t reveal their true intentions or feelings to most people and like to stay lowkey. The colour that is most likely to be their favourite has to be blue. It has a certain charm to it while not being too in-your-face.,1xbet mobile télécharger

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